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Zell- und Gentherapien

Your partner in developing cell, gene and other advanced therapies

Access multi-disciplinary, multi-modality experience to support your unique studies.

Get a patient-centric approach to optimize the development of your product.

Rely on our team to navigate complex logistics and implement practical solutions.

Fortrea's Cell and Gene Therapy team brings dedicated cell and gene expertise for emerging target indications. With our multi-disciplinary operational, medical, and regulatory experience, we can provide comprehensive, strategic insights to enable efficient, cost-effective development of your therapeutic and reduce risk across critical milestones.

By integrating critical services within a single global organization, we can amplify your clinical trial approaches, streamline complex processes and minimize risk. We are committed to helping you transform the future of healthcare by bringing promising cell and gene therapies to more patients.

Bei der Auswahl eines Partners ist die Erfahrung von entscheidender Bedeutung.

Die vergangenen 5 Jahre

Wir sind stolzer CRO-Partner unserer Kunden aus den Bereichen Biotechnologie und Pharmazie und unterstützen deren Entwicklung von Medikamenten.







Advance your cell therapy studies

At Fortrea, we’ve seen the cell therapy field evolve and have played a significant role in its development by supporting and designing dozens of cell therapy programs, including all 6 FDA-approved CAR T-cell therapies.

Leverage our global gene therapy experience

No matter where you are or where you intend to go, you can rely on our global experience and expertise in advancing gene therapy trials.

Focus on oncology in cell and gene therapy development

From targeted therapies and immunotherapies to advanced cell and gene therapies, our subject matter experts have helped develop biomarker-driven strategies to bring precision medicines to market.

We’re here to seamlessly deliver your next cell or gene therapy trial.

Wir erweitern Ihr Team und bieten Ihnen:

  • Experience with multiple modalities

    • CAR-T and AAV
    • Other viral and non-viral delivery systems (e.g., adenovirus, LNP)
    • Cell therapies (immune cell/stem cell, autologous/allogeneic, modified/non-modified)
    • Gene editing (e.g., CRISPR, meganucleases)
    • Advanced and complex therapeutics such as RNA-based therapies (e.g., ASOs, siRNAs), T-cell engagers and genetically modified organisms
  • Scientific and medical expertise

    Not only do we know how to work with these complex entities and recognize real or potential impacts on patient well-being, but we also understand the science behind how they work. We understand how these treatments are developed and manufactured, and how these complex characteristics impact the conduct of a clinical trial including:

    • Protokollentwicklung
    • Long-term follow-up (LTFU)
    • Development of companion diagnostics
    • Global regulatory requirements
    • Vendor qualification
    • Medical monitoring
  • Global operational solutions 

    The complexity of these therapies can involve numerous operational challenges defined by the asset in development and reflected in the trial footprint. We offer best practices, solutions and technologies and operational flexibility to optimize the conduct of your clinical trial, including, but not limited to:

    • Providing logistics support for autologous CAR-T cell therapies
    • Navigating site selection, activation, and overall study setup
    • Defining regulatory and GMO pathways timelines along with approvals
    • Reducing the patient burden for LTFU studies
    • Designing and implementing a program’s regulatory strategy, including early engagement (e.g., INTERACT, pre-IND), and when working with rare diseases and pediatrics
  • Customized training

    To ensure your team keeps up with complex and rapidly evolving technologies, we provide comprehensive custom training of all team members. Our Rare Diseases, Advanced Therapies and Pediatrics Team (RAPT) and Oncology members provide targeted, study-specific training, as well as a formal Cell and Gene Therapy Training curriculum.

Ihr agiler Partner für komplexe und neuartige, klinische Studien

Let our multidisciplinary experts put their insights and experience to work to advance your program. Gemeinsam verbessern wir Ihr Erfolgspotenzial und können in Bezug auf dringende medizinische Bedarfe etwas bewegen.

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